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Lawyer Confirms Taylor Halbur Is Pregnant As Adam Lind Heads To Jail (LISTEN!)


Adam Lind is going to be a father again, his lawyer confirms.

Talk about bad timing!

Adam Lind – the baddest of all Teen Mom baby daddies – was sentenced to 180 days in Minnehaha County (South Dakota) jail on March 27, 2013 after pleading guilty to his third drunk driving charge in a year.

The father of Chelsea’s adorable daughter, Aubree Skye, has been behind bars five times since 2010 and racked up more legal problems than anyone else in the show’s history.

Adam’s fate could actually have been much worse.  He was also given two years in the State Penitentiary, with the entire time suspended.  60 days of this sentence — to be served in the Minnehaha County Jail — were also suspended.  With credit for two days served he will only be on the hook for 118 days.  Adam will also be allowed to leave the lockup for work.

“I got all those DUIs after I turned 21,” he revealed at a sentencing for another drunk driving charge just two weeks earlier.  “It was just a little fling.  I thought I could drive and get away with it.  I just kept doing it.  Now I realize I can’t do it anymore.  It’s got to stop.”

The hammer could not have come down on Adam at a worse time.  During a last ditch attempt to keep his client out of the slammer days earlier, public defender Daniel Haggar confirmed for the first time in open court that Adam and girlfriend Taylor Halbur are expecting a baby together in August 2013.

“He has a three year-old daughter.  He has child support obligations for her.  He is caught up, so I think that is to his credit,” Haggar said, confirming that Adam, 22, has been working part time for his father’s dry wall business for close to a year. “We see a lot of people who don’t take that responsibility seriously.  He has and he does.  He intends on keeping that current.  He also has another child on the way in august so he is feeling pressure on both sides and I think that it is adding up.”

And so were Adam’s legal problems.  Since 2010, he has been to jail six times and racked up more infractions than anyone else in Teen Mom history.  Many of his arrests have involved driving without a license or insurance.

Check out our exclusive recordings of Adam and his lawyer pleading for leniency with the judge.

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